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The best of ConservativeHome

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Margaret Thatcher, 1925 - 2013

Jesse Norman starts ConHome's week-long series on Compassionate Conservatism.

Iain Dale is to write a weekly Friday diary for ConservativeHome.

Cutting the 50p rate was the right thing to do – but the Conservatives paid a high price for it.

Was Shakespeare a ruthless, tax-dodging right-winger? Adrian Hilton has his doubts...

David Skelton explains why he's moving on from Policy Exchange – to help meet the Conservatives' northern challenge.

Cameron should end the Coalition in September 2014, says Paul Goodman.

George Osborne's "man of the people" speech.

Careful with the churches, George...

Words matter, says Lord Ashcroft – DON'T choose them too carefully.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably WEIRD.

Overblown? Yes, but...

Eight years of ConservativeHome.

Britain IS recovering. Britain IS rebalancing. Really.

When should Boris return to parliament?

Lord Bates wonders if George Carey has a proper sense of Christian priorities.

Cameron may not be brilliant but he shouldn't be ousted and he can still win.

Tory MPs in marginal seats see Cameron as big asset.

Roger Scruton presents some thoughts on conservatism and conservation.

UKIP make it hard to predict this year's local elections.

John Hayes becomes Cameron's parliamentary advisor in important attempt by Number 10 to rebuild links with backbench opinion.

"The average council tax bill has gone down in real terms by 9.7 per cent"

Samantha Cameron visits the Syrian border with Save the Children.

Matthew Hancock MP sets out a Tory agenda for the low-paid.

The once cautious Theresa May has become a risk-taker.