ConnectiCon Convention

ConnectiCon Convention
Hartford, Connecticut / ConnectiCon is Massively Multi-Genre Convention held at the Connecticut Convention Center and Hartford Marriott Downtown, the weekend of July 13-15, 2012. Tw
ConnectiCon Convention
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Character: Wolverine (James Howlett, aka Logan) / From: MARVEL Comics 'The Uncanny X-Men' / Cosplayer: Jonathan Carroll


Mary Mother of Goddess! That is not only the single most impressive Aquaman cosplay I've ever seen, that may by the most impressive fan made armor I've ever seen!

Psylocke by Gillykins.

Character: Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) / From: MARVEL Comics 'Uncanny X-Men' / Cosplayer: Gillian Owen (aka GillyKins)

The Best Cosplay of 2013

The Best Cosplay of 2013 - Skeksis, The Dark Crystal. Commander Holly Conrad does it again. Her Dark Crystal birb! I mean Skeksis. She is the next Jim Henson!

Wonder Woman cosplay | San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Great details

Wonder Woman cosplay costume at Comic-Con LOVE the somewhat modesty. I don't mind showing off the body, but I feel a super heroes costume's functionality should trump sex appeal if given the choice.

on the new at 530

on the new at 530