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The Soul-Directed Life Radio Show on Unity Online Radio

The Soul-Directed Life is designed to help you notice, recognize, and respond to the calls bubbling up from your soul, so you can live your own Soul-Directed Life. Each month is dedicated to a particular theme or call of the soul. Janet carefully curates the guest list, seeking people of all walks who have dealt at a deep level with the month's theme. The rest of the year is dedicated to mysticism--the direct experience of the divine.
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Quote of the Week: Last Thursday, The Soul-Directed Life kicked off its 4th year with none other than the Peaceful Warrior himself, Dan Millman, and his new book, 'The Four Purposes of Life'. He went into great detail about the difference between a career and a calling, and also about there being no 'best career'. Click the poster to find the link to the full conversation.

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Quote of the Week: Last Thursday on The Soul-Directed Life, Rivvy Neshama talked about not only planting seeds that WE want to nurture, but also listening, and finding what it is that wants to be born through us. Click the poster to find the link to the full conversation, and leave a comment on FB to be entered to win a FREE copy of Rivvy's exquisite book, 'Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles'.

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FEBRUARY on The Soul-Directed Life ~ Our spectacular new year is off to a great start! We continue this month asking the big, beautiful question: How do I listen to, recognize and choose the seeds I want to plant in my life? Join us Thursdays at 1pm central as we consider several possible answers. You can also click on the poster for more information about this month's authors.

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Janet's Writing Down Your Soul 2016 LIVE teleclass begins tomorrow evening! Learn how to go beyond journaling, and experience the richness of Deep Soul Writing in your life!

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2016 is the year of the double divine feminine. August 3rd is the 216th day of the year. I'm celebrating 216 days of the divine feminine. And YOU are invited!

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Quote of the Week: We have explored the concept of surrender in hardship dozens of times, I'm sure; but nobody has told us about how to navigate a dark night of the soul more eloquently than Mirabai Starr did last Thursday on The Soul-Directed Life. Her new book, 'Caravan of No Despair' tells the story of the sudden loss of her teenage daughter in an accident ~ it is SO much more than a memoir! Click the poster to find the link to the full conversation. Don't miss this one!

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Rich juicy questions bring us to the threshold of Rumi’s round open door where magic awaits. These inquiries have been beckoning me to this threshold for years. Perhaps they speak to you, too: What is creativity? Does it have a language? Can I learn it? Where is Rumi’s round open door? What beauty is mine to express? Together, we will walk through the Round Open Door, explore the invisible realms, return to express our souls’ beauty, and in the process, transform ourselves and our world.

Quote of the Week: This past Thursday on The Soul-Directed Life, we wrapped up our first glorious month of the year, asking the big beautiful question: How can I open to Possibility? with our January Book Club Selection, 'Making Marks: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing' by Elaine Clayton. We learned intuitive drawing ~ a deep soul experience much like soul writing. Click the poster to find the link to the full conversation.

Quote of the Week: Last Thursday on The Soul-Directed Life, Carl McColman shared Cistercian spirituality, including gifts, practices and contemplation with us. A profound and insightful hour! You can click on the poster to find the link to the full conversation.

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