Lana Del Ray

Pastel pink hair, flower scarf cover up, pink glasses, summertime

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong (August 1901 – July Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and an influential figure in jazz music.Louis Armstrong on the MGM set of 'High Society', 1956

J. Geils Band

Sanctuary was one of my favorite Geils albums and the tour I saw them on.

Michael J & Freddie M

Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury - Was lucky to see both of them live.Jackson 5 at a park concert when I was a kid, and Queen when I was in grade!

John Lenno  ~ Mick Jagger

The Two Kings Of The British Invasion Mick Jagger & John Lennon The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, are arguably the two most profound Br.


Elvis had tons of photo 'ops' during his Army service.Life Mag and other big circulating magazines as well as the movie mags all wanted photos and info on what life was like for Elvis in the army. My sis and I were glued to every detail!


Nirvana is a PRIME example of the eccentric genius that only Generation Xers geat! Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was the John Lennon of his generation.GENERATION X

The cure

+ via friendsoftype Au revoir : "YAY! Bienvenue : "Friday I'm in love" . I am in love with Typography .