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10 Ways to Love...If only I were perfect...well, imperfection is not impossible in Jehovah's new kingdom under Jesus' rule, so I'll keep working on these things until its finally realized in the whole earth!!!

List of the Top 20 Motivational Quotes

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FREE Printable: 20 Little Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

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Alphabet Dating // Fun Date Ideas from A-Z

Alphabet Dating // Fun Date Ideas from A-Z.

Living the Sweet Wifefrom Living the Sweet Wife

How to Love Your Guy in 10 Ways

Most of us really want to show our husbands that we love them but it’s not as easy as flowers and chocolate. (It’s not that easy for women, why would it be so easy for men?). Anyway, here are several things I do to tell my man that 1. I think he’s awesome, 2. I’m still in it to win it, and 3. I haven’t let go of myself just yet!

How to Love Your Guy in 10 Ways - Living the Sweet Wife

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10 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew

We surveyed hundreds of husbands to find out what they really wish their wives knew. These were the ten most common answers - the ones that kept popping up over and over again. The Dating Divas

10 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew

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50 Fun Date ideas

50 CREATIVE DATE IDEAS TO BRING THE FUN BACK TO YOUR MARRIAGE. How do you continue to date your husband after the honeymoon is long over? That’s where this list of 50 Fun Date Ideas comes in. You can combine some of the ideas to make a whole day date, or mix and match to fit your mood.

50 Fun Date Ideas - Beauty in the Mess


50 Fall Date Ideas

50 Fall Date Ideas for dating, engaged, and married couples to last your all season! |

50 Fall Date Ideas

The Realistic Mamafrom The Realistic Mama

10 At Home Date Night Ideas

We have a ton of at home date night ideas for you today! If you’re a regular around here you know that we love sharing date ideas! It’s because dating is such fun {and important} marriage builder. We always recommend you start by making a date jar and every week on date night, pick out a date at random and …

10 At Home Date Night Ideas - The Realistic Mama

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7 Things Couples Who Stay Together Do Often

You know those couples who just seem to be doing everything right? They navigate marriage with ease and make being a couple look so effortless. Don't be fooled; a ton of effort goes into making any relationship a great one. Want to make yours better? Read on as eBay shares seven things you can do every day to make your relationship go the distance.

7 Things Couples Who Stay Together Do Often