Getting Started Homesteading - 20+ Articles for Beginners Featuring Homesteading Basics

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Homemade bulk mouse trap.Horrific but sometimes needed : (

Build mouse traps to protect your garden

36 ways to save money

46 Penny-Pinching Ways To Save A Lot Of Money This Year

8 Depression Era Money Saving Tips - Here are some life hacks from the depression era that can help you save money and spend less.

8 Depression Era Money Saving Tips

An easy way to save money One of my favorite budget tips - we saved 26% on electricy with this one trick! Tried and true money saving idea that's kept our utility bill low even years later! ::

Save on Electricity by Doing Nothing! |

This woman is truly a visionary. Her family lives on $14000 a year and she only grocery shops once a month. Her blog has tips and tricks for savings, teaching, making everything! Read the first page and you will be addicted. #money #investment #getrichquick #cash #homebusiness BTW, please visit:

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Find out how these 10 tips can help you to lower your electric bills every month!

How to Save Money on Electric Bills

50 Things You Should Stop Buying Start Making_ lots of recipes for easy things to make that are CHEAPER to make at home anyway!

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making

How many of these 7 old fashioned money-saving skills do you have?

7 Old-Fashioned Skills that Save you Money

Check out these tips and tricks for feeding your family (well) on a tight budget!

How to Feed Your Family on a Tight Budget - Graceful Little Honey Bee

Living on one income is possible for a lot of people if you're committed and focused. Check out these tips to help make your stay at home mom dreams come true!

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Nifty Napkins #anthropologie- These are just what I have been looking for to replace our everyday napkins. I love the prints and the reviews on them make me think they will be all that I expect! (Buying today with my birthday coupon.)

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Nine free habits to keep warm in the winter and save money on your heating bill

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FIVE easy steps to keep your denim looking like new for years! ... >> #ChicOnAShoestring

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How to Repair a Frayed Shirt Collar--Frugal sewing project--Food Storage and Survival

How to Repair a Frayed Shirt Collar

9 Frugal Things I Did Last Month - August Edition

9 Frugal Things I Did Last Month

Learn how to easily CUT Your Grocery Bill in Half and SAVE a TON of money on household items and food!!!! (Click on Image)

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Save Money By Repurposing or Reusing Household Items

Save Money By Repurposing or Reusing Household Items

So you hate couponing... here is what you can do to still save BIG!! These tips will change the way you look at saving money on groceries!

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Easy ways to save money on everything from vacations, to kids, to cars and more. Great ideas!

35 easy ways to save money

Living on less STINKS sometimes.. check out over 200 tips and articles on how to live a frugal lifestyle. I'm sure you will find a few you LOVE!

Frugal Living with Frugal Living Mom | Frugal Living Mom

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Creating a wardrobe we love while sticking to a budget is not always easy. Fortunately, there are some relatively painless things we can all do to shop on a dime while creating a wardrobe we actually want to wear. Don't miss these ten smart ways to save on clothing while still getting the looks you love!

10 Smart Ways to Save on Clothing - Living Well Spending Less®

8 Tips for Affording to Live on One Income #sahm

8 Tips for Affording to Live on One Income - Sarah Titus

How to Save Money on Cars: The only way to truly get value out of any car purchase is to drive it until it dies. See why.

Why You Should Drive Your Car Until It Dies - Sarah Titus

5 simple tips to become a thrifting pro- even your grandma would be proud- Easy things that can make a big difference!

Five Tips for Thrifting