lava flowing into the ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Would love to watch lava flow.Big Island Hawaii: Lava flowing into the ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


look at that road its real 1995 Kobe earthquake, Japan. The 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake commonly referred to as the Kobe earthquake, Collapsed Hanshin Expressway .

Volcano, Fire Lit Lava

Strange Worlds, Astonishingly Realistic Landscape Diorama Photos

Matthew Albanese: Strange Worlds. "Volcano, "Breaking Point", made out of tile grout, cotton, phosphorous ink. this model volcano was illuminated from within by watt light bulbs.

Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World’s Ocean Currents

Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World’s Ocean Currents

Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World’s Ocean Currents Infographic of the Day Our oceans are every bit as turbulent as "Starry Night.


Volcano Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion Island, France – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Old Faithful Area, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA

Old Failthful Area, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA. I was just there a few weeks ago. It's as beautiful and mysterious as this picture exemplifies.

Yellowstone National Park, Unique Natural Phenomenon

Morning Glory Pool is a hot spring in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. color is due to bacteria in the water as well as the amount of heat

Striped icebergs

These striking pictures of icebergs with multi-colored stripes or banding were taken by a Norwegian sailor named Oyvind Tangen while he was aboard a research ship about miles south of Cape Town, South Africa

Japan  ( post tsunami)

Earlier this month I was in Japan during the strongest earthquake & tsunami disaster in the nation’s history. We are holding a special fundraiser event for survivors of the disaster in Japan.

How an earthquake and tsunami changed my life.

4 tectonic plates meet in Costa Rica, earthquakes are a regular occurance

red tides (or algae blooms) - sometimes harmful to marine animals and birds.

7 Phenomenal Wonders of the Natural World

world wonders/ Red Tides: are also known as algal blooms sudden influxes of massive amounts of colored single-cell algae that can convert entire areas of an ocean or beach into a blood red color.

Icelandic volcano eruption

Aurora Borealis and a volcanic eruption in same shot in Iceland. Witnessing one of these events is momentous enough, but both at the same time? That’s what happened to photographer James Appleton when he captured this fantastic shot in Iceland.

volcano erupting

The Paricutin Volcano (Mexico), one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World I have not seen yet