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Crowley. He's a British demon who hates the Winchester brothers, who crossed into Doctor Who, and became an American who protected the world from these creepers. It doesn't get much better than that, kids.

Funny pictures about When Doctor Who meets America. Oh, and cool pics about When Doctor Who meets America. Also, When Doctor Who meets America.

<Headcanon> I've heard the first part before, but that second part...

<Headcanon> I've heard the first part before, but that second part. Yes. Just yes.<<<I wish they would make a flashback episode or something cuz then we could have Rose and the form of the Doctor she fell in love with originally

Doctor Who : My Sexy Lady Friend, Sexy and I by on @deviantART

Doctor Who : My Sexy Woman Friends. LOL the doctor and his TARDIS and a T-REX, his ladies.

Doctor Who Wall Clock

Let your favorite Time Lord tell you what time of the day it is with the Doctor Who wall clock. The creative design displays all twelve of Doctors portrayed on.

wholock :)

I'd pay money for this… WhoLock<< defiantly. I love the look on Sherlocks face and can only imagine the one on the Doctors. Ya that would be awesome.

"Is that actually Sherlock Holmes, Doctor?" "Not out loud Rory, he'll think you've been reading John's Blog..." #Sherlock #doctorwho #wholock

Seriously, we have seen Sherlock co-stars in Doctor Who I'm just waiting for Sherlock to show up in the TARDIS, run down the street and bump into The Doctor, a cameo.