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The worst feeling ever is when you're crying in silence because you don't want anyone to know you are.

Great feeling every night hiding my sobs and shaking body under covers and trying to keep blood from my scars getting all over my sheets-sb

Quote on mental health: It’s hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind.

Quotes on mental health, quotes on mental illness that are insightful and inspirational. Plus these mental health quotes are set on shareable images.

I don't need sympathy. I don't need to play the victim. Staying strong for my kids always. Showing them a smile and showing them how to persevere.

I am the type of person that will sit in the bathroom & cry, but then walk out like nothing ever happened.

Top 30 sad Quotes #sadness

It isn't fair when you know a simple thought from them could rearrange you. All that remains is the hope that somewhere along the way you discarded a stronger more vivacious version of yourself. A fragment to be called upon when you have nothing left.

Top 30 sad Quotes

That moment when you burst out crying in your room & you realize that no one knows how unhappy you are. - well I do know and I just wish you'd let me in to help.

Top 30 sad Quotes #thought More

See my friend says you get sad a lot and that just makes me feel like I'm doing my job wrong. I'm supposed to hide my sadness.

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I remember talking to you and saying ive never seen you before and your like actually we smoked together once. I knew I wanted to get to know you but i was shy. I now remember that day and everything we talked about. But then I was not attracted to you bc of your long beard. I am sorry. Bc now id love you no matter what. But it took you talking to me again to make me realize that

I met you and didn't give you much of a thought.we became friends and that's all I thought of you.then we went on a date and you slowly became my everything!❤️ one more month until we are married😍

i have a weird obsession with john mayer. like his music sends me into my own world, where i have a cup of coffee in both hands, that perfect weather when you are content in a sweatshirt and shorts…

For nearly a year it seemed I was always on the go, parading from one city to the next. My feet barely touching the ground; I absolutely loved it. I thrived on it.

What is the difference between I like you & I love you...

Quotes and inspiration about Love QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Love : Love quote : Love : Love Quotes love quotes for her love quot -

not that either of them noticed

all the other quotes I see are roses and love but this shit is real. Real life isn't rainbow's and happy sayings, prince or princess. Sometimes it's as simple as a stolen glance and eyes that linger just a little too long.