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GAPS Foods that Look Delicious

GAPS legal foods that look delicious that I want to try someday, or have already tried.

GAPS Foods that Look Delicious

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Kombucha Tea Concentrate - Pickle Me Too

Egg and Butter Coffee, Plus 3 Flavoring Options - Pickle Me Too

Egg Drop Soup Recipe (Paleo, GAPS Intro, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free) | How We Flourish

I use cooked carrots in this recipe! So, yes, it is gentle for healing diets, with GAPS cultured and AIP non-dairy variations. Cooked carrots aren't that weird in a milkshake or smoothie. Think cooked pumpkin! Pumpkin shakes, pumpkin ice cream, carrot cake... and we make and serve Carrot-Cinnamon frozen yogurt at our ice cream shops, not to mention our Bunny Food Milkshake. In our Bunny Food we use carrot juice; so why didn't I use fresh carrot juice here?

My mom is Jewish. And if you don't mind a little unbiased bias, all the Jewish people who've loved me have loved to feed me- large quantities! So even though blintzes have been our traditional Christmas breakfast my entire life, my mom also made 6 pounds of homemade sausage patties, 4 pounds of lamb chops (I'm not kidding!), had sourdough bread and butter, toppings for the blintzes, a huge fruit platter AND asked me to bring a large crustless quiche. Let me count... we had 15 people. 15 people and all that food! She is always worried we will not have enough!

Winter Squash "Fruit" Leathers - Powered by WP Ultimate Recipe

Those of us on whole food diets always appreciate a grab-and-go snack that's super healthy, yields energy and isn't necessarily fruit-based. This vegetable leather is just the snack. It's a vitamin A party in your pocket!

Fried sage leaves are a gourmet snack. They are a lovely embellishment to cheese or meat platters. And they're a special garnish for soups, stews or casseroles. Seasoned with coarse sea salt, my favorite way…

Who doesn't love coming home to something piping hot, creamy and delicious after working all day? With just a little forethought, to make the components, you can have a savory, indulgent Mexican feast made from whole foods waiting for you. This recipe is for the slow-cooker. But, of course, the assembly can be easily adapted for a casserole baked in the oven. See my Oven Variation below.

Dairy-free Fermented Cheesecake has an enthusiastic place in the healthy home's dessert arsenal! Although this recipe is technically vegan, it is also great for traditional food enthusiasts including an incredibly fun fermentation process, using sprouted nuts, being mindful of phytates and proper food preparation for gentle, effective digestion.

Engaging feasts are often marked by a table with bowls of toppings, to pass and share. A hearty bone-broth-based stew that's rich and (optionally) spicy may ground the meal. The condiments are fermented, or zesty…

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