DIY Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles [Dog Cooking Video]

DIY Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles [Dog Cooking Video]

Rabbits- Rabbit Care- How to treat ear mites in rabbits, naturally! Home remedy for treating ear mites in rabbits. Pin for later!Rabbits- How to Treat Ear Mites- Yellow Birch Hobby Farm

How to Treat Ear Mites in Rabbits (Naturally)

Regular ear cleaning is an important aspect of dog health. Check out this great infographic from Brave Beagle detailing How to Clean Dogs Ears!

Brave Beagle Dog Ear Cleaner - MyDogLikes

All-Natural, Homemade Essential Oil Dog Ear Wash Spray - For Ear Infections (Bacterial, Yeast & Mites)

Essential Oil Dog Ear Wash Spray for Ear Infections

While skunks are generally docile creatures, they do have a very potent method of fending off people or animals who bother them. Read the APCC’s advice for dealing with a dog who has been “skunked.”

Dogs and Skunks: A Smelly Dilemma

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats - A crunchy treat made of pumpkin and peanut butter, perfect for your loving fur babies!

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

KITTY GLOP RECIPE Homemade food for cats/kittens needing extra calories/weight gain

KITTY GLOP RECIPE Homemade food for cats/kittens needing extra calories/weight gain

5 Steps Help an Underweight Cat to Gain Weight. Love this picture lol!

5 Steps Help an Underweight Cat to Gain Weight

vomit and diarrhea treatment for cats

Treatment Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Cat - Vitality Science

3 Ways to Make a Healing Mash for Dogs with Diarrhea & Gas

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DIY Pet First Aid Kit Every pet owner should have one of these handy in their home and even perhaps in your car if you travel a lot with your pet.

DIY Pet First Aid Kit - Irresistible Pets

THE HOMEMADE DOG & CAT ANTI-DIARRHEA RECIPE Unfortunately, today’s dogs and cats will suffer from diarrhea at some point in their lives. Whether they’ve consumed too many treats or got into the garbage, this super stressful and super messy bout of diarrhea can be a nightmare for both the pet and the owner! LOOKING FOR QUICK RESCUE RELIEF?

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The Fourth of July is a great holiday, but it’s important to remember that certain items and activities can pose a hazard to our pets. Read important safety tips from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC).

Pet Safety Tips for a Happy, Healthy Fourth of July

10 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from My dog Barli, a neurotic German Shorthaired Pointer, was the absolute bane of

MY PET IS HOME ALONE! I'n an emergency if I'm Sick or injured, please Contact the people on The back of this card To care for my pets At home.

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This is a guide about giving a cat a bath. Bathing a cat can be extremely difficult but is necessary from time to time. There are some tips and techniques to minimize the trauma and injury to your cat and yourself.

Giving a Cat a Bath

Martha Stewart Pets tips on bathing and grooming your dog. Check out our selection of grooming tools available at Pet Smart! (pet care)

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How to Make Homemade Dog Biscuits | DIY Dog Biscuit Recipe and Tutorial | DIY Ideas for Pets

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Tips and Tricks from the Pros for Grooming Your Furry Friend! #kimmie1980ca

A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass

HOMEMADE DOG SHAMPOO 1 cup whole natural oats 4 cup of warm water 1 tsp Castile or other gentle soap or oil 1 TBSP fresh rosemary (optional) 1/4 cup baking soda (optional)

Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe

Homemade Flea Powder. I think I'm going to try this, I've always wanted something holistic. UPDATE: I want to share where I obtained the ingredients. The 100% food grade diatomaceous earth I got off ebay from user: foxwebstores. Very good product. The neem powder I got from a local indian/ Pakistán store. Both the eucalyptus essential oil and the yarrow powder I got from Monterey Bay Spice company website: I loved their prices on the essential oils.

Natural Anti Flea Dog Shampoo

How to make a Dry Shampoo for Dogs with just 3 simple ingredients. Great to use in between dog baths!

D.I.Y. Dry Shampoo for Dogs

flea remedy!

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Flea Season and Essential Oils | Healthy Families with Only Naturals

Flea Season and Essential Oils

How to make easy homemade dog shampoo. Can be helpful for dry skin, allergies and fleas #dog #DIY #essentialoils

6 Natural Recipes to Support Your Dog's Health |Overthrow Martha