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DIY Pet Care

DIY Pet Care

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Keep Your Dog Safe With This DIY Car Hammock >> blog.diynetwork.c...

How to make a DIY Dog Car Hammock | Made + Remade

It's better to be safe than sorry! Check out Dr. Phil Zeltzman's top 10 signs your cat could be sick! #cats #pets #vet Also click the photo to be directed to the full article! :)

How To Tell If Your Cat's Secretly Sick

Mouse holes / cat box areas that look like mouse holes as part of home fir touch of whimsy. eclectic by Maplestone Construction

There's a Mouse in the House

Home-made Perfect Litter Tray * I’ve been a bit careless with my litter tray etiquette. Sometimes I stand at the back of the litterbox, and wee, and well, I’m afraid most of it goes on the wall, and then down under the carpet! * Daddycat had an idea! He bought a big storage box, and cut half of it out, so if I do wee against the wall, it hits the box, and runs down! The front is cut away too, so I don’t have to do an impression of a high-jumper to pole-vault into my litter! #cats #DIY

Dog Proof Cat Feeding Station | Catnip Alley Studio Blog: Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station

Catnip Alley Studio Blog: Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station

pocket door for the pets~great idea to keep them contained and not crated!

Basement Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Hide a way Litter Box. - I bought a storage trunk at Target, cut a hole in it just big enough for the cat to get in. The litter box fits to the left of the hole so even if the dog gets her head in, she can't get to the litter. And it looks cute! WIN!!

DOG-PROOF and STYLISH Litterbox for $10! Bought the basket at Ross and cut out a door big enough for the cat but small enough to keep the pups out.

LOVE this privacy screen for kitty's. I will probably decoupage's one

Plastic shop people or creative hobbyists. Need idea to replicate plastic, bendable privacy screen... (best, making) - Hobbies and Recreation -Collecting, outdoor recreation, activities, arts, games, modeling - City-Data Forum

This time they tricked out the bottom to roll out so you can access the litter box easier. They also added a nice kitty litter mat, thus FORCING the cat to walk across it (i've seen many kitties HOP over mats that people leave out in exposed Boxes).

IKEA Hackers - Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA

Amazing cat condo / box / tree !!!! Think I can make the bottom one big enough to hide the litter box. Maybe add a hinged door on the side of the bottom box for easy litter box access??? Keep the dog from hunting for "treasure" in the cat box. I love the colors that they used. It doesn't even look like a cat condo! It looks like a piece of art!

Buddy's super cool cat condo!

How to clean a litter box and keep it odor free! It's easier than you think!

How To Clean A Litter Box And Keep It Odor Free! || Practically Functional

DIY jumbo litter box for big cats. I bought a 110 quart clear storage container for $12 at target and just added litter! The cats jump right in and no more pee on the floor by the litter box. The tall walls keep it all in bc my cat pees standing up. I tried everything and this is the best!

Use shower rods to block a doorway to litter boxes. Tall enough to keep out a crawling baby, but short enough so the cats can jump over.

I may need this litter box! EXTRA EXTRA TALL LARGE LITTER BOX!

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Indoor Bunny condo made of NIC (Neat Idea Cube) originally purposed to build shelves/storage. Each level carpeted with doormats made of untreated sea grass. Sheet of plastic hangs behind to protect the wall. Litter boxes on the bottom level to catch any droppings. The walls can be taken apart and re-purposed as a play pen fence for indoor or outdoor play time too.

Living with an indoor rabbit - The condo made for two

The mother of all cat box covers. Let's find an end table to upcycle.

Hidy Tidy Two Door Tall Litter Box Cabinet - Free Shipping!

Multistory Cat Litter Box - IKEA Hackers. Won't track litter all over the place, easy to clean, looks nice!

Multistorey Cat Litter Box - IKEA Hackers

2ft tall folding screen in 3 panels. This customer uses it to hide the kitty litter box. More finishes and panels available at

Apple Carrot Dog Biscuits

DIY Make Your won Apple Carrot Dog Biscuits

We grew some grass for our (indoor) cat. We think she likes it. - Imgur | good idea for the fosters.

Outdoor cat enclosure, great for letting the cat's hang outside & perfect spot for the litter box!

Outside Cat Enclosures -

IKEA Hackers: Malm cat cabinet I think I will put the litter box in a larger rubber maid box - cut down on over the side pee-pee, and put the entire thing up on a higher chest then this so no more bending and kneeling.

Malm cat cabinet - IKEA Hackers

Julinka Modern Cat Litter Hideaway Cabinet PERFECT for the dog to stay out of the cat box

Stylish Modern Litterbox Cabinet from Julinka

Hides the litter box plus all the supplies. And it would be great not to have to bend down to scoop the litter.