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Lets open up a can of whip ass fellas

Stormtrooper by Derek Laufman

Stormtrooper by Derek Laufman - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

how i draw head n face by =nominee84 on deviantART

a quick tuto. well this is just my way to draw hope you find it useful (?aka random guy (c) _________________________________ tools: Wacom L and Photoshop CS >>&.

Como desenhar a cabeça e o corpo de uma mulher.:

I have been requested to do a step by step tutorial on how to draw female anime characters so here it is: How to Draw Heads Draw a circle Draw a l. Tutorial - How to Draw Anime Heads/Female Bodies

dibujos de peinados también para hombre

After sketching that sheet of Male Poses I decided to sketch out some of my male oc& hairstyles. Yes, that& not even all of them I may do a sheet for the girls sometime too. If I& no too .