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28 Men Who Prove Man Buns Are Beyond Sexy

28 hommes qui prouvent que les chignons sont incroyablement sexy

Kaden Lewis - Mannager grupo chicas y cuñado de la protagonista

My man, Brock! Not only is he handsome beyond words, he is also so darn funny! Best man-bun on the planet!

Brock O'Hurn demonstrates the man-bun. GIFset

Brock O'Hurn demonstrates the man-bun.and ruins my chances of every getting anything done again. BRB, watching this forever.

The men have wised up to the effortlessness and effectiveness of a bun! Shall we welcome or shun this look on men with long hair, ladies?

Din't knew hairbun could have being so Sexy! Here are 18 Guys Styling Their Hairbun Will Inspire You For Your Next Haircut