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Backlit shelving allows the shape of the bottles to be used almost like art. The play of light off the walls adds another interesting set of textures and colors.

Wine Rack contemporary wine cellar - illumination emphasizes on the contrast of alternating light and dark wine bottles

Glass Bottle Walls

Up-cycling; a concept little heard about outside the realms of renewable design, Wikipedia lists its meaning as this: Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into…

Bottle walls

New Day (cob studio) by Mike O'Brien PDX. The pretty glass bits are the bottoms of glass bottles, built right into the wall. - Mini Version for Barbie would be marbles instead

Old Bottles.

That is so cool! A wine bottle stained glass window. Will have to ask the glass people in my life about this-wonder if you could just make a panel to stand in the yard to catch the sun's rays?

Wine bottle wall fountain!

If you ever need to make an outdoor fountain!) Must make a wine bottle water feature. Think It of using an old wine rack as the structure and sprinkler wands to distribute water into the selected bottled

nautdesign:  161 | 01_Custom made furniture Shop stand sign: W500 D350 H900 / Solid oak oil finish / Steel hardening melamine paint

Custom made furniture Shop stand sign: / Solid oak oil finish / Steel hardening melamine paint