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Great lessons to teach your children!

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Forest Woods Coloring Page | Enchanted forest by ellfi on deviantART

Enchanted forest by ellfi on deviantART

Mermaid Blanket. Leigh Evans this is SO cool!

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Guess Who! American History-So fun for the classroom (and a great review). use this for the Founding Fathers and Mothers!

A Crafty Teacher: Guess Who! American History

You never know what is going on in someone's life. No matter how hard it is, you might be their only ray of sunshine.

#Life #Quotes #QuotesAboutLife

DIY Wooden Growth Chart by BrooklynLimestone. Made with a sharpie on a board! She has spaces to record first foods, places visited, special milestones, etc. Brilliant.

Brooklyn Limestone: Wooden Baby Growth & Milestone Chart

Setting Up a Homeschool Preschool Corner

Our Homeschool Preschool Corner - The Homeschool Village

Quiet book - done!

Make at home momma: Quiet book

Quiet book ideas

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Why books can't interact with readers? here is an example of DIY books for kids that enable kids to interact with the number and words inside the book. Lets Diy one for your kids,

The Domestic Notebook: The Quiet Book

Custom alphabet letter book - great toddler gift - includes 12 family photos - hardback

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A (three-year) Q journal for your kid. I love the idea of sitting down to "interview" your kiddo every day. It's important to give them moments when they feel like the most important person in the room! Also, what a great way to remember the weird shit they say.

Feeling like a Tiger

Do this before throwing out a damaged teddy light coat of paint | I couldnt find a link but Im so doing this..

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Remember Quote Box - to remember the great things your kids say

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Brown Sugar Baked Peaches. Better than doughnuts!

Recipe Sweet – Brown Sugar Baked Peaches

Drawing what kids want to be when they grow up, then taking a pic for your scrapbook - too cute!:)

Adventures in Chalk - Adventures in Chalk - burgh baby

Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes

Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes

31 life lessons for my daughter - good reminder of what is important in life.

31 Life Lessons I Want My Daughter to Know

Potty Training in One Day: Day Zero (Preparation) | diary of a bewildered mother. I have a friend that did this recently and it really worked! Her son is so proud to tell anyone when he has to pee-pee in the potty =)

Potty Training in One Day: Day Zero (Preparation)

little boy's short haircut longer spikey top. GQ hairstyle. Love this cut. Blonde cutie. Stylish guy.

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oh my gosh best idea ever dylans always throwin his cup on the floor! Suction sippy strap, I can imagine all moms needing this at one point or another. Would have loved to have known this YEARS ago!! I am pinning this for my precious friends who have or will have babies in the future!!

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{25 Ways to Stay Calm as a Parent}

How to be a calm parent - Abundant Mama

chalkboard and kid art display wall - playroom

9 Ways to Organize "Kid Clutter"

Basic Life Skills for 3 & 4 Year Olds to Know

Basic Life Skills for Kids to Know - Specifically Preschoolers

Fabric covered foam stacked for a couch and pulled apart for sleepovers. this would be so great in a play room!!

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