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Confederate uniform: Va. cavalry private gray wool jacket and trousers worn by Pvt. Wm. Stephens, 17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Gen. Samuel Garlands CSA Virginia Flag

Rare Confederate Richmond Depot kepi

Exceptional Confederate First National flag linked to 12th Va Inf. Co A

Thomas Jefferson Flythe was a member of company D, Third Virginia Regiment, Kemper’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps and was with Lee at the surrender at Appomattox.

First Lieutenant Omer Rose Weaver, a member of the Pulaski Light Artillery, is recognized as the first Arkansan to die in the Civil War

Andrew Jackson Nixon - 9th Arkansas Infantry Originally in Co. A Bradley Guards later transferred to Co. C

1st Lieutenant Josiah Blair Patterson , Company E, 14th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Pvt. John Straw 3rd Division Inf. Missouri State Guard 1/6 plate ambrotype of Pvt. J. Straw from Calloway County, MO. He is on the left with unidentified friend. It appears like he has a pistol butt under the left flap of his jacket. He was wounded at the Battle of Wilson's Creek on Aug. 10, 1861. Man on the right is wearing a homespun battle shirt. Image came from an old collection out of Jefferson City, MO.

John Houstion Company F36 Arkansas Infantry Confederate Army

Colonel John L. Logan, Commander 11th/17th Consolidated Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Mounted)

Colonel David C. Cross was the first commander of the 5th Arkansas

Paul Lynch Lee was the Lieutenant Colonel, or second-in-command of the 15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Johnson's) during the regment's service at Port Hudson. He had previously been the Major of the regiment,

A private of Company G, 1st Regiment (Crawford's) Arkansas Calvary, Confederate States Army, Warford enlisted the 9th of December 1862.

John Thomas Dixon 56th Virginia Infantry

Confederate man, "Jeff Davis and the South!" :: KHS Digital Collections

Very Rare CS oval impressed cap box. Made of brown leather with a spectacular wood finial that still has it's distinct point, one piece belt loop and still retains the wool ! The only flaw on this box is the broken latch flap and very light crinkling on top.

George Van Hoose - Captain Co D, 17th Arkansas Inf. (Griffiths)

Robert L. Baugh, a resident of Hot Spring County, Arkansas, enlisted in King's 22nd Arkansas Infantry Regiment on March 1, 1862, at Little Rock. The regiment was sent east of the Mississippi River shortly after it was organized, and its designation was changed to the 20th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. Baugh died near Ripley, Mississippi, on June 26, 1862.