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Costumes Agnieszka Osipa has a FB page and a... - Interlaced-Textile Arts

Costumes Agnieszka Osipa has a FB page and a.

Couronne ... Avec du fil de fer, du journal et de la colle.

Thranduil’s crown done! Assembled it with wire skeleton, covering it with DAS, colored it with bronze then soften with pearl-white colour and hard. The Hobbit: Thranduil's Crown

Comment faire le baton de Maléfique pour un costume d'Halloween

Maleficent Staff I whipped up last night to complete my Maleficent costume! 2 dowells, wire, a spaghetti jar lid, and clay. It’s about tall and the glowing orb is soooo cool in person! My phone didn’t want to capture the color very well.