Does your recipe not require the entire tomato paste can? This easy little tip & trick will help you to save tomato paste.

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Water is life. When they say you can live 3 days without it, keep in mind that into the second day, you’re going to start really suffering. That third day you are technically alive but you won’t be functional enough to help yourself.

Freezing bell peppers is a fast and easy way to preserve the harvest. Plus, its great having them available year-round to toss into soups, omelets and casseroles whenever you need them.

Freezing Cheese. Cheese freezes great and freezing cheese is an easy way to save money. I stock up on it when it is cheap and freeze it. Here is a DIY tutorial on how you can freeze cheese! ♕ DiamondB! Pinned ♕

What a great way to keep those green onions around longer...I know I end up at least once in a while with a bag of soggy, slimy green onions in the bottom of the crisper. I'm going to try this!

Great money-saving tip for long term storage of fresh lettuce. Dena: I have always done this, I learned this trick from my mom. She would have a huge tupperware container and wrap it in paper towels and press down on the top as she closed it to get the most air out of it. Most have lasted a month or more!

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