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leonarda cooks
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This prayer gets me through the hard days. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the thing I can, and Wisdom to know the difference =))) god-is-good-good-is-god-all-the-time-d

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Such a powerful metaphor for the book of Hosea and also for Gods love for humanity. I don't usually do historical fiction, but this is exquisite!

Diy Citrus Cleaner

Add orange peels (or any citrus peel) to a quart of white vinegar in a closed container and let it set for two weeks. Combine citrus-vinegar solution with half water in a spray bottle and use for cleaning. Works on floors, tiles, fixtures, kitchen

Photography: Photograph the bride and groom holding images of their parents on their respective wedding days.

bride and groom holding pictures of their parents on their wedding day. A little sweet and sad, but a great idea.I'm doing this even if our parents are no longer together.


I hate stupid people. GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you' re shit. Well played sir, well played I hate stupid people GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and you' re Well played sir well