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Garlic and vermouth roasted mushrooms

Delicious and easy gourmet-level fried mushrooms. And only 92 calories / 2 ww points+ per 1 cup / 160 g.

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Crumb coating in hot air fryers

How to make crumb coatings (such as Shake 'N' Bake) really sizzle in your Actifry. #Actifry

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Air Grilled Tomatoes

ACTIFRY GRILLED TOMATOES: These easy grilled tomatoes taste great, are virtually fat free, and make a great side to any meal, from breakfast to anti-pasto. 0 Weight Watchers PointsPlus®.

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Actifry™ Risotto - Base

A basic Actifry recipe for the creamy rice dish called "risotto" with guidelines on how to customize it based on your mood -- or based on what wants using up in the fridge! People avoided making risotto in the past because of all the endless stirring, but now, with an Actifry, you can toss one on after coming in the door from work and go have a glass of wine while the machine is stirring it for you. Any day is risotto day now. #Actifry #Risotto

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Making a pasta sauce in an Actifry™

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Crispy Jalapeno Poppers

CRISPY JALAPENO POPPERS: Dead easy to make, and even less work to cook. They are made in the top tray of a two-level Actifry™ ("Actifry 2 in 1™"). They're really low-fat and low cal, so you can indulge guilt-free! 2 poppers are just 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

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Faux Fried Rice (Actifry)

Faux Fried Rice for Actifry: This side dish tastes exactly like fried rice, even though the "grains" used are ground up cauliflower. The directions are designed for an Actifry; you may be able to make it in a regular frying pan.

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Actifry Snacking Basket has dug up information on the elusive Actifry Snack Basket... #Actifry

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Air Fried Gourmet Potato Chips

ACTIFRY GOURMET POTATO CHIPS. Cooked in duck fat and sprinkled with crispy flakes of Maldon sea salt. Easy, decadent, and succulent -- and, two-thirds less fattening than store bought potato chips (crisps.)

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Air Fried Potato Hash

ACTIFRY POTATO HASH: Enjoy an easy, healthy potato hash along with your breakfast or brunch from your Actifry™. And while the Actifry is taking care of cooking the hash, you are freed up to cook whatever else you are making.

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