Sexy Halloween Costumes

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Women’s Riddler Costume

Sexy Cat Costume

Day 2 revamped with the collar and different stockings and more detailed makeup

Old School Harley Quinn Costume

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Pretty Sequin Mermaid Costume

Spartacus and Sura in the woods

Spartacus and Sura Couple Costume

Bugs & Lola ready to beat the Monstars.

Space Jam’s Bugs and Lola Bunny Couple Costume

Harley long shot

No-Sew Intricate Harley Quinn Costume

The TLC approved pic

Best TLC Costumes

Cute Roller Derby Costume

acutal costume

DIY Bud-Light Year Costume

Last-Minute Pretty Woman Costume...

Last-Minute Pretty Woman Costume

Sexy Chiquita Banana Girl (Carmen Miranda)...

Sexy Chiquita Banana Girl (Carmen Miranda)

Spartacus and Sura in the woods

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Cotton Candy Couple Costume

Bob as Medusa

A Chic Named Bob Dresses As Medusa

Totally Homemade Gamora Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy

Totally Homemade Gamora Costume

Victoria Secret Inspired Indian Costume and Headdress

Awesome DIY Indian Costume and War Bonnet

Last-Minute Alvin and the Chipmunks Duct Tape costumes for ladies

Last-Minute Duct Tape Costumes: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Cute Pretty Woman Costume - 2015 Halloween Costume Contest

Cute Pretty Woman Costume

Knockout Woman’s Boxer Costume - 2015 Halloween Costume Contest

Knockout Woman’s Boxer Costume

Costume Kept Going and Going and Going... Coolest Homemade Costumes

Costume Kept Going and Going and Going

For my Tiffany and Co. Box costume I took a piece of cardboard, painted it blue, folded and glued it to make it fit me like a gift bag. I drew on the ...

Cutest Homemade Tiffany & Co. Box Costume

Sexy Storm Costume... Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Sexy Storm Costume

Braveheart - 2015 Halloween Costume Contest via @costume_works

Easy Badass Braveheart Couple Costume

For the Pretty Woman Costume Dress: Purchased a cheap white tank top & bleached an old blue tank dress. Purchased rings from AC Moore for the c...

Cute Pretty Woman DIY Costume