Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly taking on the BIG APPLE. New York in a pencil skirt, short sleeve button down shirt carrying a tiny clutch bag (trending again now.


Robert Mitchum sez: "These kids only want to talk about acting method and motivation. In my day all we talked about was screwing and overtime.

the real Chaplin

A photographic portrait of Charlie Chaplin as a young man, Hollywood, taken around 1916 by an unknown photographer. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was an English comic actor and film producer and director of the silent film era.

the pensive punk

The Birth of Punk- Punk was all about anarchy. It included unemployed young people and art students hanging out at Westwood's/ McLauren's boutique. Female punks were still feminine wearing mini skirts and stilettos. Studs and tattoos were also prevalent.

BAD BRAINS | house show '79

Ghetto Blasters & Switch Blades: Bad Brains pics by Lucian Perkins


“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” — Eleanor Roosevelt beautiful portrait and quote


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