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Cutaway View of the Quincy No.2 Shaft / Rockhouse

The Rock Silos of the Quincy No.2 Rockhouse

Copper Country Limited at the Calumet Depot in the 1960s (Courtesy Paul Meier)

The Copper Range Hungarian Trestle - Tamarack City

The Copper Range Cuts - Mason

Flow Chart of the Rock Handling at Quincy No.2

The Quincy No.2 Shaft/Rockhouse During Her Adolescent Years. -1890s

The Quincy No.2 Shaft/Rockhouse in Her Golden Years - 1968

The Centennial No.6 Rockhouse

CCE takes an overview look at the Keweenaw's Cliff Range and the mines and towns found in the shadow of its soaring cliffs.