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正月の神社・お寺のお参りにも役立つ♡意外と知らない「パワースポット巡り」をするときの注意点! - Yahoo! BEAUTY

Autumn in Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto

There is no better time for shopping cozy jumpers as at the end of August and beginning of September.

The Cosiest Knits in the Whole Wide World - Zanita Studio

If you're looking for substitutions for coffee here are five wonderful things to try: Yerba Mate, Maca, Cordyceps, Cacao and Ginseng.

We have a wonderful coffee machine here at the Lodge and like to get creative if you let us - we like Cardamom Coffee - add cardamom pods to coffee in grinder for a unique spicy coffee. with real dark chocolate.