Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games

Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games this is awesome, so many of my favorite fandoms

I would cry if I didn't have to do math anymore, I hate it so much. *Cries at the beautiful thought of no math*

Harry Potter

The greatest moment in sports history? When Viktor Krum caught the snitch but Ireland won.

Harry potter... This is literally me right now. I should be sleeping but harry potter is more important

Unless you're half way through a star wars marathon then finish that then do a Harry Potter marathon

Harry Potter

Happiest idea I've ever read regarding Fred's death. I actually had this thought right after reading the last book!

HAHAHAH #don't do horcruxes

Funny, but also horribly true. Not only did Voldemort die sooner than most wizards, but he also spent 10 years in shadow form hiding in Albania. << moral of the story: if you murder people and try to take over the world, you will die.

Haha, usually Pureblood parents don't teach their kids that stuff, but Draco and a few others might know...

Harry Potter, I have thought of this a million times when I hear that curse! -- me too omg i thought im the only one!

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My favorite part of all the books is the commentary

If Lee Jordan did ALL the sports commentary for everything, I might actually watch sports


I will die :-D WTF is this art style? I mean it's cool but it's so funny

Proof that Uncle Rick is a fanboy<<<<<<and he also mentions many other books and tv shows and movies at other points

Also in son of Neptune Percy asks if there some kind of train they could take a train instead

Would you survive a day in the life of Harry Potter? #HarryPotter #Harry_Potter #HarryPotterForever #Potterhead #harrypotterfan #jkrowling #HP

Would you survive a day in the life of Harry Potter? #HarryPotter #Harry_Potter #HarryPotterForever #Potterhead #harrypotterfan #jkrowling #HP

This is so true ! I first read harry Potter, then hobbit and lotr, then sherlock, teen Wolf and supernatural :

I actually started with pjo than hp, Merlin, doctor who, spn, Sherlock with a bunch of other stuff in the mix


I died inside when I saw this, but when I showed it to my sisters they didn't care for it. Disappointment had me like.