Cordwood Construction
Cordwood Construction
Cordwood Construction

Cordwood Construction

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After evaluating multiple approaches, the authors settled on cordwood construction for their school district's planned education and community center. Originally published as

Use Cordwood Construction to Design and Build Your Own House - Green Homes - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

The Cordwood Conference Papers 2015 detail the latest buildings and innovations from the cordwood world. It is chock full of new ideas and beautifully built 'best practice' structures. Articles from cordwood authors (and their books), in Sweden, South Korea, Guatemala, Quebec and the USA are filled with inspiring color photos and in-depth documentation. Written by authors the world over, it is certainly a good choice for your bookshelf and it makes a fine gift.

Cordwood Construction: Best Practices is the latest book on cordwood construction. It has 259 color photos, 196 pages, diagrams and formulas will take the novice or experienced builder from house plans to cordwood home occupancy. There is more to enjoy about cordwood at www.cordwoodconst...

Refined and Very Attractive Log Home

Log Home Wild Desing


"Wizard" Chainsaw Tree Carving ~ Scotland

hand carved doors | hand carved wooden tree front door transitional spaces

A straw bale and cordwood passive solar home.

A straw bale and cordwood passive solar home.

This natural home was built by the owners, Scot & Linda, with no previous construction experience. It was designed by architect and natural builder Sigi Koko. More at www.naturalhomes....

Like most farmsteads all over the world, homes, workshops and barns are made from natural local materials, but not all of them with the distinctive and quirky style of this 1970s cordwood house in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, USA. www.naturalhomes....

A tiny cob cottage sits in dusky light.

A cordwood garden shed in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Read the article at cordwoodconstruct...