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FREE Painter Brushes

Who doesn't like fantastic FREE Painter brushes?

FREE Painter Brushes

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Post #8 - Buttery Oils by Skip Allen. Skip is a brush master and these particular brushes work with Painter 12.2 and up. If you have not given them a try you should! skipallenpaints.c...

Skip Allen Paints

Post #7 - Snow Time Brushes by David Gell. These 20 brushes have been updated for Painter 12.2 and above. You will have everything you need to paint sky, snow, trees and even a snowman. Grab them now:

Post #6 - Painter X3 Flurry and Wet Trees Brushes. Download the brushes and put them in the Christmahanukwanzaa category or make your own custom category. Download here:

Post #5 - Painter X3 Dabs by Karen Bonaker. Download the second set of Painter X3 specific Dab Brushes in the Karen Bonaker Dabs 2.brushcategory and you will find 10 of Karen's custom brushes. Download here:

Post #4 - Painter X3 Holiday Dabs by Karen Bonaker. Download the first set of Painter X3 specific Holiday Dabs Brushes and you will find 9 of Karen's custom brushes to shower your canvas with. Download here:

Post #3 - Painter X3 Winter Wonderland Brushes by Karen Bonaker. She has done it again! This selection of 18 brushes from the Winter Wonderland Brush Category will fill your landscape with cheer. Download the Painter X3 compatible brushes here:

  • belle starr
    belle starr

    I don't know how long I have Painter. But, I am starting to get serious about its artistic potential. Thanks for the help with your brushes.

Watercolor Wonderland Brushes reaction!

Post#2 - Painter X3 Watercolor Wonderland Brushes by Karen Bonaker. Download the Watercolor Wonderland Brush Category which includes 12 brushes now: Karen Bonaker runs Digital Art Academy and teaches many wonderful online classes that anybody can join. Be sure to check out www.digitalartaca... for these flexible, reasonably priced courses.

  • Beth Sharp
    Beth Sharp

    Ah Nina, if I could only create an image like that!!! Nicely done.

Painter Factory brush post #1 - Painter X3 Christmahanukwanzaa Brush Category with Jittery Snowflake Brush Download Here: