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Gallery of Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos - 4

Chipicas Town Houses by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos / Valle de Bravo, México. Cool house idea for like a guest house if you have the room for it.

A wellness hotel with a private railway express to the ski and hiking trails, this spa and resort is the epitome of style and romance in the Swiss Mountains.

★ Brilliant Blue ★ Beautiful Swiss Architecture (Tschuggen Grand Hotel) with Natural Landscape - 12 Stunning Photos of Places Decorated with the Most Beautiful Element Water in Solid State

Cotter Dam Interpretive Signage via Screenmakers

Cotter Dam Interpretive Signage Frame produced using Corten steel in a rusted finish

Thomas H. Fleming heritage

Thomas H. Fleming-designed midcentury modern property in Weston, Connecticut, USA Just on the market is this impressive structure, otherwise known as a

Chalk Hill Off-Grid Cabin - the creme de la creme of straw bale

Arkin Tilt Architects Architects & Designers Chalk Hill Off-Grid Cabin This 872 s. off-grid straw-bale project is a getaway home for a San Francisco couple with two active young boys.

Not usually a fan of the modern look, but this I really love.

Mill Valley Cabins is a beautiful hillside home and its inhabitants wanted their dwelling to have something more in terms of green. They chose to hire Feldman Architecture to design two small cabins for their existing home in Mill Valley, California.

Interpretive Signage, reclaimed bricks from site homestead, laser etched stainless steel plaque, galvanised steel frame

Oakwood Park, reclaimed red river gum from site, laser etched stainless steel plaque, galvanised support frame