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extended rear facing-- Although Alexis turned out perfect there are lots of things I plan to do different raising Avaya. Extended rear facing is one of those things. Too many facts not to ignore the safety benefits of being rear faced. Although I turned Alexis forward at 2 years it bothers me now seeing children at that age, some younger, already forward facing.

when I have kids, mine are rear facing for as long as possible! extended rear facing-- car seats have always been a big deal to me, but ERF is something, I personally, am a big proponant of. It's silly how many ppl flip around at

OMG I forgot about Timmy!! 90s Nostalgia Flashback

Timmy The Tooth "Timmy in Space" This movie scared me but I remember it so well jesus christ I remember this. This scared the shit out of me when I was like