Ethnic pattern on Behance

"Ethnic pattern based on authentic symbols of classic Ukrainian drawings. line art formed into a simple yet complex pattern" I love the simplicity. One could use symbols to tell stories this way.


Creating components of a big picture like a flower shop window, small lino blocks of flower pots, vases, buckets with flowers in, and building up a print with all the images. Emma Block - the flower shop

the anatomy is terrible but I still kind of like it so what the hell I enjoy drawing pretty girls wearing clothes from my wardrobe haha. by Boen…

Illustration. Dogs Life (Girl). $20.00, via Etsy.

Illustration. Dog's Life (Girl). Print. Wall art. Art decor. Hanging wall. Printed art. Decor home. Gift idea. Sweet home. Tutticonfetti

Illustration: Dog's Life (Girl) / via Etsy - Tutticonfetti - seller ships from Spain


Maybe I saw you do this but I'm not sure if I could get you a lawyer then will talk so I have my eyes on you

Hipster Girl Illustration

Quirky + Cute Character Inspiration · Girl + Camera · Inspiration for Illustrators + Artists + Graphic Design Projects