Vintage 1970 MAGNOLIA Color Art Print Mediterranean Wild Flowers Original Book PLATE 90 Beautiful Large White Magnolia Flower, Moutan, Akebia Quinata with Yellow, White and Purple Blooms

Black Backgrounds, Red Roses, Creepy, Monochrome, Wedding Gifts, Angels, Princess, Flower, Captions

Clover -- how I loved the clover fields. We would chew on the flowers which are filled with honey.

Wild flower bouquet of foraged Cardoon Thistles, White Sage, Cleveland Sage, and some dainty purple guys in the best mug ever.


ANNE TEN DONKELAAR: "Flower Construction cm) - collages made from pressed wildflowers, dried stems, and paper cutouts on top of tiny little pins


He insisted on smelling all the flowers (they all actually smelt really bad 😂). But Remy was into it. I hope I raise nature loving children. It's the best medicine for the soul.