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Toys I Loved As A Child

Toys I Loved As A Child

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Wanted this as a child - finally got it as an adult. It is still funny to play.

I had one like it - it was one of my first toys.

The one I had as a kid is still at my parents' house.

I always wanted one of these surreys. I recently saw one at an antique store, but it wasn't for sale.

I had one of these when I was very little. My parents still have it at their house.

My first Ken doll looked like this. Fortunately, I was too young to ask my parents any questions about his lack of physical correctness.

My first Barbie was like this, only with red hair.

Another game I wanted, but never got.

The Good Games Of the Ideal Toy Corporation

This made edible "candy" bugs, in flavors like butterscotch, licorice and rootbeer. The goop actually tasted better than the finished products.

  • Sheryl Schierenberg
    Sheryl Schierenberg

    I had that & loved it!!!!

Two-headed troll.

I had one as a kid - wish I had it now, as they are pretty rare.

You could change the hair on this Barbie. My favorite was the blonde one.

There is nothing like the smell of a Barbie case.

Casey was Barbie's friend. She was ahead of her time, with only one earring.

I had the Jan doll and my sister had a Heidi.

Tressy had a strand of hair on the top of her head that would "grow" if you pushed a button on her abdomen. She also came with a marker that you could use to "color" her hair, which was washable.

  • Lia Britton
    Lia Britton

    My sister still has her Tressy!

A toy that used a Thingmaker and Plastigoop to make ugly little people.

The "Thing Maker" got really hot, and the Plastigoop was stinky, but it was fun to make bugs.

I wanted this game as a kid, but never got it. Finally got one as an adult.

I always wanted this game. Finally got one as an adult.

Etch-A-Sketch - not really that fun because it only made straight lines.

My cousin and I called this game, "Monotonous", and we stayed up all night playing it.

It had a light-bulb inside that baked the cakes.

One of my friends had this game

Booby Trap - fun family game