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Funny Friendship Ecard: It's nice when other people think we are as entertaining as we do. Damn, we're some funny bitches.


Funny pictures about How to make your life much more enjoyable. Oh, and cool pics about How to make your life much more enjoyable. Also, How to make your life much more enjoyable.


and a cup for Mommy so she won't have to drink straight from her wine box.


I propose a toast to the booze for making you all seem tolerable. so wanna use this at our Christmas party lol

Birth Announcement Photo.  Love it!!

Announcing the birth of your baby or announcing you are pregnant should be joyous and happy times, but why not make it a little bit funny too. Try topping this creative, funny baby announcement when it is time to let the world know about your baby.


People who exercise live longer, but those extra years are spent at the gym.not worth it - Long live the couch potato!

Wonder if Barnes & Nobles sells this...

This might make you want to say… WTF? (24 photos)

lovely: Illustrator Bob Staake has created 25 Bad Children’s Books, with titles like “Bukowski for Kids,” “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back,” “Mommy Needs to Go to Detox,” and many more. All are done in classic “Golden Books” childrens style.

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