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she looks as if she is considering to jump, but the flower vines see the beauty in her and just won't stand by and let her give up without trying to stop her. Repost if you have flower vine friends.

XWW-03 More

O This is the cutest compilation of adorableness I've ever seen.

"Cada luna es distinta, cada luna tiene su propia historia... dichosos los que pueden olvidar su mejor luna."

They Feel Your Love Song - Surreal Art By Shawna Erback

Shawna Erback… love this! the moon music note girl heart

exlibris_32220.jpg (1863×2361)

Ex-líbris de Emil Neeser, da autoria de Kobi Baumgartner

Weightlessnest Duy-Huynh

Duy Huynh artwork - selected archives from the Charlotte NC based, Vietnamese born artist. Poetic and contemplative acrylic paintings.