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[supporting character]: of "story: turbid" called "a novel here]. important enough to have his own board...
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("Alex, extremely tired of this shit , has no idea where thebfuck heis, he is alo just took dope snd marihuam from the homeless peopel.Noah drunk and extremely tired on a bus that will take him to Rosie.

The hardest part of distance is not knowing weather the person will miss you or forget you- kim I feel your forgetting me. I'm slowly disappearing to be nothing important to you.


Life, the Universe, and Everything Else — Conor Doherty, Model

Cole he is a fighter. A cute boy for a gangster. He dislikes some people and messes with My a lot.

"Don't they hurt?" The little girl whispered from the bunk behind him. He gave a sad little smile and turned to her to respond, "Only if you let them.