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A Sunrise over fresh snow in Northern Ontario

A Sunrise over fresh snow in Northern Ontario, Canada. Snowshoes are the only way to travel here.

Siberian Huskies Walking On A Frozen Lake Is Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

Russian photographer Fox Grom has made amazing photos of his Siberian Huskies playing on a frozen lake covered with rainwater. The effect was like the dogs were walking on water or on a giant mirro…

2 brothers

Upon listening to a song from a recent Fall Out Boy album (Save Rock and Roll) on Spotify, I was captivated by the contrast in the album art. This is the photo: "An Odd Couple" By Roger Stonehouse.

In the framework of the International Year of Astronomy ESO has launched a new project aimed at connecting the sky as seen by the .


hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman: “ It’s Friday night so…Have a Drink on Me, says Diana as she flirts with Kal Nick Bradshaw (lines) ChrisShields (colors) ”


Paintings and Illustrations - Paintings by Dimitri Kozma