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Amber Nugent
Amber Nugent
Amber Nugent

Amber Nugent
  • Illinois
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46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos - I would want two constellations on my back: one of the Southern Cross for Chile, my country of birth, and one of the Big Dipper for the U.S., the country I now call home.

Banned Books Display I made in 2010. All the quotes are from famous authors about censorship.

Poizen Industries Slasher Legging Black Full Length Lace Goth Emo Punk Ladies | eBay

Poizen Industries Corset Leggings -- not tights or stockings, but awesome leg-coverings nonetheless.

This is for a jewlery box, But I see this happening with a small chest of drawers or a file cabinet.

Haha this is so true!

amazing pin up girl tattoos for women | Pin Up Tattoo Designs - TOP 30 Tattoos | Good Tattoo Ideas

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