Cloth Diaper Project

Cloth Diaper patterns and tutorials as well as some training pants.

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Cloth Diaper Project

Cloth Diaper Project

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With wallpaper from Graham & brown also on the wall in my hallway Credits beeld: 101 Woonideeën augustus 2012 | Productie | Fotografie

Kleurpalet: Happy Sunshine - 101 Woonideeën

Make waterproof undies for catching accidents, but still feels like just wearing underwear.

It's a Long Story: DIY cloth training pants!

Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer Diaper Sewing Pattern

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  • Clare Swindlehurst {Editor - Are they twins?}
    Clare Swindlehurst {Editor - Are they twins?}

    I think the LadderHillDesign site has shut down - but you can still buy this pattern via Craftsy - here's the link:

Sew Your Own Diapers - Cloth Diaper Patterns and Resources

Sew Your Own Diapers: Sew Your Own Diapers

Turn your prefolds into training pants... I can do this!

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DIY - Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Insert Sock

Junk Mail Gems: DIY - Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Insert Sock

Mei Tai Tutorial


Removable ruffle

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How to Convert Prefold Diapers into Fitted Diapers!

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Seamless Extended Wing Prefold Conversion (photo tutorial)

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Insert Absorption Test

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Back embellished dipaer

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Free Side-Snap Diaper Cover Pattern!

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    bad link :(

SSC Baby Carrier

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No Wicking Cotton Diaper with PUL at legs

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Here is my free PDF pattern for a one-size fits most fleece/wool wrap cover for diapers.

Home of the Free RRP Diaper pattern!: Rita's Rump Cover
  • Carol Hammer
    Carol Hammer

    Here you go Rebecca

Cloth Revolution

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Baa Baa Baby Fleece

Mama Kat Diapers: Baa Baa Baby Fleece - Newborn

QSFW – Regular & Short-wing versions, size Newborn

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Free Fitted Diaper Pattern with Photo Tutorial!

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Waterproof training pants with free pattern

Do-it-yourself EC: Waterproof training pants with free pattern

"Bunchies" Diaper Tutorial

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FancyCloth -prefold cloth diaper tutorial

Fancy Cloth Baby: FancyCloth -prefold cloth diaper tutorial

should make for baby boy.

training pants from prefold tutorial