You guys, I'm so excited to share these rolls with you!! I think it's safe  to say that I've established my love for cinnamon by now but I don't know  that I have done as good a job at emphasizing how much I love cardamom. In  fact, I feel like cinnamon is always outshining cardamom and I think it's  time we put a stop to it. Cardamom deserves his day in the sun g'dammit!!  Why cardamom is masculine is beyond me, so don't ask. What I do know and  will happily share is that cardamom is…

Swedish Cardamom Rolls (Kardemummabullar)

Swedish Cardamom Rolls (Kardemummabullar) Recipe — Fix Feast Flair(Butter Rolls Christmas Morning)

How to Make San Francisco Sourdough Bread Page-2

Best San Fransisco sourdough bread recipe I have ever tried. Also great detailed instructions for making the starter as well as other great info


Sourdough Rosemary Lavash Crackers

These lavash crackers, made with sourdough and rosemary and topped with roasted tomatoes and feta cheese, make a delicious appetizer.

They say everything happens for a reason, and I believe them.  But I can’t always identify the reasons some things happen.  Why was this bake of the San Francisco Country Sourdough (my version of pain de campagne) the best ever?   This was probably the 7th or 8th time I’ve baked it, but this one had that je-ne-sais-what like my best bakes of Tartine BCB and last week’s bake of Hamelman’s pain au levain.  Beautifully caramelized, golden brown, crispy crust; moist, airy-but-substantial crumb…

Might sound ridiculous, but I moved back to the Bay Area partially due to the bread and cheese.


lb coiled Wicker oval proofing basket, must be stored dry to prevent mold. Made in Germany.


German Sourdough Rye Bread