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A diagram concerning where to 'ink', and what to expect. It lists types of tattoo art, places, and effects on skin. This is exactly the sort of thing that inspires art. Just skin art in this case.

id take this over a wedding ring any day.

id take this over a wedding ring any day. My friend hold me the other day that he would rather have a tattoo then a wedding ring. I love this idea

semicolon tattoo with heart - Google Search

Awesome Semicolon Tattoos Designs With Meaning For Men And Women. Semicolon- Where The Author Could've Ended The Sentence But Decided To Keep Going.

get a small tattoo

Really kind of like the idea of a small black cat. [ "Small tattoo place­ment ideas -- i do want a few small ones so this is helpful, love the elephant!", "Small tattoo placement ideas… I

small lotus tattoo - I like without the bottom piece, so that it's even smaller for my wrist

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs The lotus flower represents renewal and growth out of darkness. The lotus is rooted in mud and comes up into the light to blossom. You see beauty above, but where it came from is not apparent.

Because I made the choice to continue my story 13 years ago. I'm glad I did. Because that day I made the choice to finally listen to me. If I would have listened to everyone else I'm sure I wouldn't be here today. But my story continues... ;

30 days of gratitude day 12 – Being Alive

The semi-colon project! The semi-colon appears where a sentence could end, but instead it goes on. The semi-colon is becoming a symbol for the fight against depression, self-harm, and suicide.

crown tattoo :: love how delicate the lines are.. . . Would like to incorporate the girls' names into the design of the crown instead of wording underneath

Crown Tattoo :: Love How Delicate The Lines Are. Would Like To Incorporate The Girls’ Names Into The Design Of The Crown Instead Of Wording Underneath – Tattoo Ideas Top Picks

Lotus flower white ink tattoo on ankle by Brandon

40+ Subtle White Ink Tattoos Your Parents Won't Even Mind

My boyfriend and I got matching white ink tattoos on our ring fingers.  They say “qqdmv” which stands for Que Quieres De Mi Vida (what do you want from my life) ?  This is something we say to each other when we want to really understand each other.  We got them on our ring fingers to essentially work as place holders for my engagement ring and our wedding rings.  When our rings go on, its as if they are an answer to the question.    It took us a VERY long time to find an artist willing to do…

Matching white ink ring finger tattoos, Que Quieres De Mi Vida (what do you want from my life) . When I get married I want to get tattoos under our wedding rings in white/black of each others name.