Divorce Cakes

Did you know these existed? Before Pinterest, I didn't! Which one do you like best?
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That is one large pan.

This intricate design is basically an edible settlement agreement.

Divorce cake

19 Break-Up and Divorce Cakes, Because Breakup Cakes Are Actually a Thing

Divorce cake

Divorce cakes... found while Jenna and I were looking for "murder" and "serial killer" cake toppers. Don't ask.

My divorce cake


Divorce cake. I know this is a horrible theme cake , but it was a request.

ah, divorce/ break up cookies!

Divorce Cookies

Divorced diva cupcakes

Break up cake

This is going to be inspiration for a cake I'll soon be making.

Divorce Cake. Divorce Party. Trash the Dress. Celebrate!

Cake topper for divorce party!

A penis will not wish you happiness, at least not verbally. | 31 Impossibly Unrealistic Penis Cakes

Divorce Cake. I *hate* him.

Divorce Cakes Are a Thing, And They Are Hilarious! - At last! At last! I'm free from that Ass!!!

Celebrating the Single Life!

Divorce Cake...my very first one. www.facebook.com/gutucakes

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Divorce Cake

Divorce Cakes Are a Thing, And They Are Hilarious! - Fresh Start, Legally Divorced, Wife goes on, Free at last

Divorce cupcakes - For a close friend of mine!