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Watermelemonade!Watermelon- Lemonade is refreshing, easy to make and with a splash of wodka you have a grown up "drink before dinner"!


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Fast and easy with a surpise ingredient, these are delicious!

Quick Chocolate Mousse

Mini appetizer cakes - Now on the blog! My Cosy Kitchen:

Mini Appetizer Cakes

Lime-Lemonade….I know, I know, when it is made with lime it’s called Limeade, when it is made with Lemon it is Lemonade… But since this is a 50/50 case It’s called Lime-Lemonade and it is refreshing!!

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Summer Ice Cream - Raspberry/Blueberry

Little Vanilla Desserts - Petits Crèmes... or the reason why my son will not move out anytime soon!

Little Vanilla Desserts / Petits Crèmes - or why my son will never move out

Fresh Organic Greens with grilled hazelnuts and goat cheese....some white wine and you are all set!

Veggie Pasta with Goat Cheese