Felt Nativity Free Pattern

A Felt Nativity Story


Felt: hot air balloon, rocket, planes, boat, submarine, helicopter. Feltro: balão, foguete, avião, barco, submarino, helicóptero.

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felt train ornament tutorial

Felt Holiday Train Ornament


DIY 3D Ornament. À faire en blanc, bleu clair et bleu moyen pour décoration d'anniversaire reine des neiges

DIY 3D Christmas Ornament


How-To: Charlie Brown Christmas Ornaments. Reminds me of the Charlie Brown tree we had growing up!!

How-To: Charlie Brown Christmas Ornaments


Snowman Slam Game - my kids have been having so much fun with this EASY TO MAKE game {Frugal fun for Winter}

Snowman Slam {Game for Kids} ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose


Mini Gingerbread Houses made out of Graham Crackers. Could make the houses ahead & have a decorating party for kids & their friends.

How to Make Gingerbread Houses Using Graham Crackers


Bit-O-Me: Felt Christmas Tree pattern

Bit-O-Me: Felt Christmas Tree


Beautiful! Real Rocks with concrete over them & the mosaic placed on top.

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Never buy another craft cone again!! Cyndy created a template for 5 sizes of craft cones that are used to make sturdy cones out of rolled poster board. These cones are just as durable as the paper mache (because they are rolled twice).

The Tree Cone Templates are Finally Ready!


This paper mache bowl is so easy that I could do it tomorrow without buying anything.

The Lulu Bird: Paper Mache Bowls


how to make paper clay... ....ha ha, I did this in the 80's, and made some cool stuff...never would have thought to pin it back then.....

Dahlhart Lane: How to make Paper Clay


how to make a really good papier mache clay...you may have this recipe already, but just in case

Papier Mache - Tutorials - How To Make Pulp Ala Miranda Rook


Hiding cables

26 Resolutions To Keep You Organized In 2014


Thrift store glass plates into garden flowers.

"Fall"ing for Vintage Flair


WHOA! 3D Mona Lisa covered in...buttons! #art

P8 Buttons & Fabrics: Button Wednesday : Mona Lisa


Painted canvas with button details on the flowers. LOVE!

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How to make button pendants. From craftpod.com

How to Make a Cool Button Pendant | CraftyPod


making a vintage button brooche by Laura Carson (Artfully Musing) @ Gingersnap Creations

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Antique Button Picture in Rustic Wood Frame This is so cute!!

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So Easy great weekend projects-thinking only white dots (pussy willows) for a winter print, hmmmm...

The Little Mother: She Crafts Again!


Button trees...Love This might make a good art project for Mother's Day? Or seasonal changes - 4 small squares where the kids paint trees & use different colored buttons to represent each season then put all quarters on a larger sheet together????

Jodi Wiley Sketchblog: The Button Tree Story


Love the leaves swirling here! Now I need to make one with fall leaves...

I heart buttons (did you know that?)


WOW! Buttons!!! - DIY Crafts : theBERRY

Get your DIY fix (15 photos)


Vivienne Westwood ~ An advertising poster from Viru Shopping Centre in Estonia.

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