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Chaos and frivolity abound in the New Albion theatre as a theatre troupe (all of whom have their own issues) bands together in the face of every obstacle… and there are many. August 2016. Order your copy today at

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“Equilibrium has been reached again, at least with the acting company on the good ship Albion.” – New Alibon, pg. 87

Attending the theater before 1850 or so in the United States was far more akin to attending a football game today than to attending contemporary theater. Issues Band, Contemporary Theatre, Cast Of Hamilton, Gangs Of New York, Sword Fight, Games Today, Crossed Fingers, Irish Men, The Conjuring

“‘No! No!’ cried Mrs. Wilton... ‘My daughter is with child!’… Every woman in turn was made to promise that this business would remain extremely confidential, whereupon Mrs. Wilton returned to her former self and began ordering her dresser about… Apparently, the oath of confidentiality had been sworn with fingers crossed. The rest of the company was happily jabbering about it a quarter of an hour later as they left the theatre. Nothing is confidential at the New Albion.” – New Albion

Opera House at Niblo's Garden, New York City, 1853 Issues Band, Opera House, New York City, Tapestry, History, Garden, Painting, Attendance, Shakespeare

“Mr. Hicks was ivre during last night’s performance of Crosby Ravensworth. To make matters worse, the Lord Mayor was in attendance with his wife. After the performance, some of the leading actors were escorted to their private box...where Mr. Hicks bellowed a few lines of Shakespeare, something about women trotting, ambling, and lisping, and then clasped the Lord Mayor’s wife to him and kissed her ardently upon the lips.” – New Albion

Adah Isaacs Menken, aka “The Naked Lady,” may have begun life as a poor girl from New Orleans, but with talent and courage she became THE outstanding actress during the era of America's Civil War. Lady Macbeth, Lord Byron, Issues Band, Women In History, Vintage Photographs, Napoleon, Bombshells, Superstar, Naked

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“I confess to being half in love with Fanny Hardwick. It is a doomed love and an exquisite love... I am forty-two, she is probably twenty. I have watched her leave the theatre, late in the evening, escorted by a handsome-looking young man in evening attire, a young man she has never bothered to introduce to me or to any of the denizens of the New Albion. She lives on the edge of a mystery for me and for others. Who is she, and where does she come from?” – New Albion, p 53

The Chandos Portrait is lifelike and was thought to have been painted by a member of Shakespeare’s acting company, Richard Burbage. Unfortunately, most experts agree that it is unlikely that it is a portrait of Shakespeare. Shakespeare Macbeth, Shakespeare Plays, Shakespeare Online, Shakespeare Portrait, Shakespeare Festival, William Shakespeare Frases, Shakespeare Quotes, Shakespeare Insults, Teaching History

File:William Shakespeare Chandos Portrait.jpg

“The new apprentice arrived today. I begin to fear for Harlequin and Columbine and for all the rest of us who would endeavor to create a pantomime upon this stage. He is not a very prepossessing young man. Less than fiveand-a-half feet tall and narrow as the railings on my front step, he has a criminally low forehead and a lean and hungry look. Like Shakespeare, I can never quite find it within myself to trust a man with such abominable physiognomy.” – New Albion, pg. 32

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“‘Mr. Farquhar Pratt has proven himself a liability as a playwright as well as an actor.’ ‘He may yet turn things around,’ I replied. ‘He is not without some wisdom in his lucid moments.’ ‘He cannot live much longer at this rate,’ Mr. Wilton said. ‘Have you looked into his eyes?’ ‘I have assumed that the yellowing of Mr. Farquhar Pratt’s eyeballs has more to do with his laudanum habit than with advancing old age.’” – New Albion, pg. 17-18

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“I do not abuse myself with the notion that my scribblings in this diary will outlive me. It is enough that I use the time and the ink to organize my own thoughts. To that end, I will restrict myself mostly to the complicated inner workings of one of London’s minor theatres, the theatre to which I am attached, the New Albion. Nevertheless, I hope that my older self, when he reads the contents herein, will forgive me for the odd entry about my domestic circumstances.” – New Albion, pg. 6

Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street : a musical thriller / music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ; book by Hugh Wheeler ; based on a version of "Sweeney Todd" by Christopher Bond ; production directed by Harold Prince Theatre Nerds, Musical Theatre, Theater, Tim Burton, Wicked Musical, Tony Award Winners, Angela Lansbury, Fleet Street, New York Daily News

Sweeney Todd

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