African Violets for Everyone

This is were I enjoy African violets even when I'm not in my plant room
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purple flowers with green leaves in front of a white wall
ВАТ фаворит Крупные сливового цвета колокольца со светлыми черточками и штрихами образуют хороший букет. Обратная сторона лепестков белая, край волнистый, создается впечатление белого карандашного края. Со временем середина цветка приобретает слегка красноватый оттенок. Зеленая с красной изнанкой листва. Стандарт.
two blue flowers in a vase with a bible verse
African Violet 'Le Julia'
purple and white flowers with green leaves in a vase
Saintpaulia 'Rob's Lucky Penny'
two white and purple flowers are in a blue flower pot with green leaves on the side
Optimara my dream
purple flowers with green leaves and white background
African Violet 'Black Tie Affair' I got as a leaf from Terri Vicenzi and to my delight, it has leaf babies coming up very happily as of 12-07-15 This one may be a favorite! Oddly enough one of the babies is yellow variegated and I am hopeful it'll stay that way - but probably not. I'd love to have a sport on my hands.
pink and white flowers with green leaves in front of a blue wall on a sunny day
Le Mon Sen Mishel
purple flowers in a pot with green leaves
african violet buckeye dogwood spring
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a bunch of purple flowers sitting on top of a white table
African violet Little Lazaree
purple and white flowers are growing on green leaves
Выращивание фиалок и уход за ними в домашних условиях
Фото комнатной фиалки в горшке
some white and red flowers in a green pot
african violet for sale
African Violet ~~ LE-Margarita ~~ plant Russian / Ukrainian Variety!
some purple flowers are growing in a pot
Dn-Junaya Francuzhenka~Plant~NEW~African Violet~Ukrainian/Russian Variety
purple and white flowers in a black pot
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some purple and white flowers are in a vase
Просмотр темы - Выставка "Весенний подарок-2016"
purple and white flowers with green leaves in front of a white wall, close up
ЛЕ-Сюрприз Зимы–Фиалки селекции Е. Лебецкой (ЛЕ-)
ЛЕ-Сюрприз Зимы; Фиалки селекции Е.Лебецкой