ESSIE Nail Polish - 'Not Just A Pretty' face (nude/beige) -Shiny and natural by adela

ESSIE Nail Polish - 'Not Just A Pretty' face (nude/beige) -Shiny and natural by adela. Find this color for acrylic nails it at Ulta

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Best OPI Nail Polishes. I love blushingham palace! Is it normal to recognize colors like that?

15 Best OPI Nail Polish Shades And Swatches

Best OPI Nail Polishes: I love this color but it is not in the top 10 when you open this post. Does anyone know the name of this lavenderish color?

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All Hail McQueen is described as a holographic taupe.s a twinkling BBB (band-aid but better) shade. I love it because it?s a more wearable, sparkly version of one of my fave BBB shades, OPI Skinny Dip?n In Lake Michigan.

essie island hopping

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