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    Psychotherapy Progress Notes Templates

    Knowing how to write psychotherapy progress notes in an efficient, HIPAA-compliant manner is one of the first things that a therapist should do when beginning a private practice. Here are some sample psychotherapy progress notes, some psychotherapy notes software you can use, and some progress note templates you might like. Make sure to protect privacy if you're using electronic psychotherapy progress notes!

    Psychotherapy Progress Notes Templates

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    Long or short notes? It's not about the length. It's about the content.

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    Knowing how to write psychotherapy progress notes in an efficient, HIPPA-compliant manner is a must.

    How to write psychotherapy notes: Great article that offers an exploration of writing psychotherapy notes in a creative way such that you can gain more insights into how to better work with clients.

    Psychotherapy notes software: TherapyNotes is one of the more highly advertised electronic psychotherapy notes solutions available to therapists. Like many of these systems offered to private practice clinicians, this system is a cloud-based one, which means that you don't need to install it on your computer(s), but can simply access it via the internet. Check with other clinicians before you attempt to implement any of these EHR systems to ensure that you understand the pros and cons for you.

    Psychotherapy notes software: PracticePro Therapy practice management software for Psychotherapists is one of many options available today for private practice psychologists, therapists, and counselors. I've not used it. For any of these programs, make sure that you talk to other therapists who have actually used the program, to ensure that it provides the functionality you want in your practice.

    Insightful article about psychotherapy notes, privacy, and HIPAA as it relates to treating foster kids. The article does a good job of addressing the issues of psychotherapy notes being given unique privacy protections within the HIPAA Privacy Rule, more so than all other protected health information (PHI), including purely diagnostic or evaluative information, case notes, other treatment services, etc.

    S.O.A.P. notes for psychotherapy sessions. This article gives an example of how to write SOAP notes. Keep in mind, as mentioned in other pins here on this board, if you are using electronic records or psychotherapy progress note software, you should clearly delineate between the SOAP note part of your notes and the psychotherapy notes part, so that sensitive data is HIPAA compliant and private.

    This is a great article that walks us through the risks of including psychotherapy notes, as opposed to S.O.A.P. notes in the electronic health record for your client.