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    Christmas Decorations & Crafts

    Christmas Decorations & Crafts

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    Cheeky Christmas sign!

    Save yourself the hassle of looping your lights around your entire tree (especially if it's backed into a corner) and just focus on the front. This zig zag shape will make it look like you made it the entire way around.

    Twisty "gear ties" are chiefly meant to corral cords — but they also make it easy to hang garland from railings (plus, they look kinda fun to use!). And since they come in a variety of colors, you can choose the one that best matches your railing or garland.

    We were skeptical of this trick at first, but apparently even the pros use it. Use hot glue to temporarily attach a string of lights to the outside of your home. But you shouldn't use this method on just any surface — hot glue will cause paint to peel off and cause some stucco to melt — it's most often helpful on sturdy brick. (We also bet that light manufacturers wouldn't necessarily recommend putting hot glue next to their wires, so try this tip at your own risk).

    No seven years of bad luck for you! Nifty Command hooks have sticky backs, so you can attach them onto the front of your mirror without having to worry about breaking the glass.

    Here's how to hang a wreath on a ribbon without an ugly hook messing up your whole look: Put the hook on the back of the door instead of the front. Then, loop the ribbon onto the hook and over the door. This way, the front looks seamless, and the bow on the back is a cute little touch, too.

    Binder clips offer a handy way to hang lights on the outside of your house. The color blends into the dark roof and the clip design makes it super easy to hang and then take down at the end of the season.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Texting, selfie-taking, Tweeting, instant-messaging, Instagram-posting, Facebook-updating — any family with teens knows the reality of Christmas in 2015.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Santa's belly may have any mom-to-be beat, considering all the cookies he gets to indulge in every year.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: A cute baby with bug eyes that nearly match is his favorite stuffed animal will always give us a good (heartwarming) laugh.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Keep it real this year and ditch the forced poses and matching red-trimmed outfits — pajamas will definitely do.

    We can't say for sure if Santa's workers find this funny, but adding the word "elf" into a holiday message any way you can is pretty clever.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Sure, visions of sugar plums dance in kids' heads ... in the charming Christmas tales. Use thought bubbles to display the comical things they really want Santa to bring.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Vintage specs, ugly Christmas sweaters and an all-around awkward pose? Nailed it.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: A little animal wrapped in a pretty green bow will make everyone smile, but kick it up a notch with a card that makes a seasonal joke, too.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: This mom found a way to make holiday decorations a little more, err, practical.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: For those lively family members who enjoy more than a few glasses at the annual holiday party, this Prosecco pun will definitely score some giggles.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: We get it, your family loves each other. But we also know that 99% of the time they have their disagreements, quarrels and sibling rivalries, too.

    Funny Christmas Card idea: Dressing up like people from Whoville is a bold, quirky choice alone — but having the Grinch (literally) come in on a wrecking ball is just plain genious. See more at Vintage Revivals » -

    Take a cue from Rudolph and show loved ones just how silly you all look with a set of your own antlers on this year's Christmas card.

    Every Day Is Christmas at the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska