Halloween Crafts & Decorations

Eerily easy Halloweens crafts, decorations, DIY costumes, and more.

Halloween Crafts & Decorations

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Easy Halloween party decor: Place black and green candies in test tubes with ominous warning labels.

Easy Halloween party decor: No witch's home would be complete without an apothecary of snake oil, newt's eye, toad stool, and raven feet. These DIY bottles were made using plastic vitamin bottles, hot glue, and several coats of black and brown chalk paint.

Creepy Halloween decor alert! Carolyn of Homework took vintage portraits, covered the eyes with glow-in-the-dark paint, and rolled them to fit into jars. The subjects' eyes seem to follow you around the room, and layers of black netting and twigs add to the haunting effect.

Easy Halloween party decor ideas: Give your drink station a swamp-gas effect by adding glow sticks (and sticky eye balls!) to the ice.

Easy Halloween party decor ideas: Drape a sofa in white gauze or cheesecloth to resemble spider webs, hang an antique portrait on the wall, and affix paper bats around the room.

Turn a thrift-store find into a spooky DIY Halloween decoration. Make your own creepy menagerie by spray painting plastic or ceramic animals and adding red glitter or glow-in-the dark paint to their eyes.

Need a quick, last-minute DIY Halloween decoration? These beautiful, dramatic spider webs are made out of black garbage bags. To make your own, you'll need a black Sharpie, a pair of scissors, some tape, and the instructions found in the link.

Easy, fun, DIY Halloween party decoration: Spray paint cardboard rolls and affix battery-operated tea lights to the tops for these wizardry candles. Perfect for a Harry Potter-inspired party.

This DIY Halloween decoration potion bottles are made of spray painted wine bottles of varying sizes, and labels, twine, candle wax, and plastic toys.

This head in a jar requires a bit of handiwork with photo editing software (or use the flattened face PDF in the link below) but the results are nothing short of terrifying. It's the perfect DIY Halloween decoration for parties.

Making these floating ghost heads for a spooky DIY Halloween decoration. Foam mannequin heads and cheese cloth are the keys to these creepy porch decorations.

These DIY poison bottles make great Halloween decorations. Use dark glass stain and chalkboard paint to transform ordinary glass bottles into witches' potions.

Cute, cheap Halloween decorations: These mummy candle holders are made with Mason jars, dollar store gauze, and googly eyes.

Suspend witch hats from the ceiling and prop a rustic broom against the wall for a simple yet eerie entryway look.

Rats, bats, crows, and a table cabinet full of curiosities—we hardly know where to look first! This creepily curated look is sure to captivate your guests and spark conversations.

How to make a bowling ball pumpkin!

This striking fireplace looks like it belongs in a haunted mansion. See more at Homedit. - CountryLiving.com

If there's simply no time to decorate your mantel, opt for this bewitching ready-to-wear mantel scarf instead.

Though not often thought of as a traditional Halloween hue, a bright turquoise frame gives an unexpected pop of color to this otherwise spooky mantel.

Don't want to mess with the picture frames already lining your fireplace? (S)witch out traditional family photos for ones from Halloweens past.

A $4 weathered window frame takes center stage on this mantel, while candelabras, pumpkins, and pops of purple add to the tableau.

An orange-and-ivory color scheme and DIY decor—check out that candy corn-style vase!—dress up this mantel.

Don't confine your Halloween decor to a narrow mantel. Expand decorations by adhering bats and cobwebs to the surrounding walls and bookcase.

Decorate your mantel with a cat garland that is just purr-fect.

Take a feminine approach to Halloween by incorporating lace, adorable woodland creatures, and hints of pink into your mantel decor.