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    Halloween Crafts & Decorations

    Eerily easy Halloweens crafts, decorations, DIY costumes, and more.

    Halloween Crafts & Decorations

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    A tiered pumpkin tray, filled with graham crackers and marshmallows, adds to the rustic theme of this outdoor s'mores station.

    Blogger Cami whitewashed her pumpkins, then paired them with the vintage blue jars to create a coastal-themed arrangement.

    These beautiful, dramatic spider webs—made out of black garbage bags—are the perfect Halloween decoration for your kids' rooms.

    Spook guests with crocheted spiderwebs. Secure a dangling spider to the frame to complete the Halloween look.

    Yes, even your bathroom deserves the Halloween treatment, and this crocheted toilet cover is an easy and affordable way to add some festive Halloween flair.

    Add some creepy spiders to your bathroom. A perfect decor for a Halloween trick.

    Devil horns may be the stuff of nightmares, but this clever Halloween project is a dream to make.

    Spooky stickers and mini pumpkins adds a great Halloween touch to the staircase.

    Use a creepy image of any building—be it your home, or a spooky landmark like the Bates Motel—to create a Halloween window scene.

    Add a slithering snake to your house's curtains. A perfect Halloween decor.

    Add a Halloween touch to your home with this mirror mirror on the wall. Don't forget the poison apple, of course!

    Windows are an easy place to showcase some of your Halloween decor. Add an image of an haunted village, paired with some ghosts and pumpkins.

    For Halloween, decorate your table with an old Victorian book, faux cobwebs, and black candles.

    Black candlesticks, mini pumpkins, and frosted pinecones creates a spooky Halloween coffee table.

    Trade out your regular coffee mugs for Halloween-inspired ones. Orange-and-black October 31 plates also add a pop of color for a Halloween party.

    Adding a trail of ants to a dining room will make guests jump in surprise when they walk through your dining room full of Halloween decor.

    Swap out your everyday tablecloth for this handmade, Halloween variation.

    Hang these Halloween ghosts—made of cheesecloth—from the light fixture in your foyer. Make sure guests watch their heads!

    This Halloween, show off your sense of humor by replacing your everyday chandelier shades with these jack-'o-lantern ones.

    Black and white monogrammed decor—along with spiders and cobwebs—creates quite the spooky Halloween entrance.

    Your front door naturally sets the mood for the rest of your home. Covering your entrance with handmade spiders and black and white pumpkins, your home will instantly get the spooky Halloween vibe it needs.