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    Thanks to Dad, one baby is ready to fight extraterrestrials! Inspired by the film Aliens, he created a power loader suit. A pretty impressive Halloween costume.

    A dad dressed up as the tooth fairy for Halloween.

    This ghostbuster looks pretty afraid of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. An adorable Halloween costume!

    Up, up, and away! For Halloween, this dad and his son went as Russell and Carl Fredricksen from Up. Aww.

    For Halloween, these cute twins were a pair of little sharks, so their dad got in on the action — and got bitten!

    For Halloween, when this dad's five daughters ALL wanted to go as Frozen's Elsa, he decided to join the fun, too!

    No, it's not Halloween, but we couldn't resist: This dad took his daughter to a London sing-along of Frozen. She wanted to be Olaf, so he wore Elsa's dress — even wearing it on the subway.

    Along the same lines, this cutie wanted to be a big bad wolf for Halloween. So her dad went as Red Riding Hood, naturally.

    Perfect father-daughter Halloween costume! When his daughter wanted to be Han Solo, Tom Burns posted, he didn't hesitate to encourage her that a girl could be the Star Wars hero. "She thought for a second and said 'Well, if I'm a Han Solo, you should probably be Princess Leia, I guess…' She looked at me with an implied question in her eyes. And, c'mon, if I immediately told her 'YES, a girl can be Han Solo,' it would've been pretty hypocritical of me to say 'Nope, a boy can't be Princess Leia.'

    Let's hope he can cook in real life, too! For Halloween, this dad dressed his kid like Remy from Ratatouille and donned Linguine the chef's cap himself.

    One dad took his girl Back to the Future as Marty McFly and Doc. An adorable father daughter Halloween costume.

    Need a last minute Halloween costume idea? Be a T-bird, wear a white shirt, leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and a bad attitude, and you're straight outta Grease.

    Wear an all-yellow ensemble and carry an umbrella, like morton salt girl! Great last minute Halloween costume idea for your kids!.

    Psych everyone out by going as Freudian slip. Wear a slip dress and attaching well-know terms coined by Sigmund Freud, like "Id", "Ego" and "Oedipus complex," to it. Perfect idea for a last minute costume!

    You'll look sweet enough to eat in this last minute Halloween costume! When you slip into these smarty pants and pin or tape Smarties candy rolls all over your pants.

    For a last minute Halloween costume, dress as an egg in all white and attach a yellow circle of construction paper or felt to your stomach. If you're feeling naughty, add horns and a pitchfork in order to be a "deviled" egg.

    This last minute Halloween costume requires a trip to the big-box store, but it's worth it. Buy as much aluminum foil as needed, wrap it around your body and voila—you're a baked potato!

    Grab a white dress and adorn it with postage stamps and you'll look first class. Perfect idea for a last minute Halloween costume, a mail-order bride.

    You'll look as cute as a button in this last minute Halloween costume, pig in a blanket. Just slip on a plastic pig nose and wrap yourself up in a blanket. Everyone will want to eat you right up!

    Dress yourself as a road for a last minute Halloween costume! Wear all black and attach white tape down the center of your body to emulate a dividing lane line (cut the tape into smaller pieces to indicate you're a passing zone). Make your costume especially macabre by gluing a stuffed animal on the side of your shirt and you've got roadkill. Or tape a plastic fork over the dotted line and you've got a metaphor!

    For a last minute halloween costume, dress up in a T-shirt, a visor and, of course, the iconic fanny pack. Complete the tourist look with a camera and a souvenir.

    For a last minute Halloween costume, dress in all black and attach popcorn and empty candy wrappers all over your movie theater floor costume.

    This last minute Halloween costume is all in the makeup. Go heavy on the bronzer around your cheekbones and dab on white dots there and on your forehead. Color the tip of your nose black, and drawing brown-eyeliner lines that connect your eyebrows to your nose. Find some sticks in your yard to double as antlers, and keep them in place with an elastic headband. Don't forget to dress in brown from the shoulders down to go as an adorable deer!

    For a last minute halloween costume, be little Max from Where the Wild Things Are (on the right), put on gray sweatpants and a gray hoodie. Cut a yellow crown out of construction paper and staple it to keep it on your head.

    For a last minute Halloween costume, dress all in one color and glue on multi-colored pom-poms. Add a 25 cent sign and you're a gumball machine.