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so true

Yep I do

V i r g i n i a • W o o l f

Deep down you already know the truth | Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes: Deep down you already know the truth

God has a purpose for your life; a plan created individually for you that only you can fulfill. You are the only "you" this world had and if you don't play your part no one will. Be inspired to find what God has planned for you and have faith to know that he will equip you to do whatever he is calling you do!- maybe I should listen to my own advice sometime... :/

This quote makes so much sense to me. When being flooded by emotions or symptoms, it can be overwhelming. They come out of nowhere at times. I am not always aware of the triggers that set me off until much later. Although it's good to know the trigger that knowledge doesn't help at the time of flooding. It does help me to know what to avoid the next time so that I don't turn to isolation. This site gives practical advice of how to cope with the flood before it becomes a rip tide.

I just want to get back to happy again.

Maybe all we need, is someone to understand how all of our broken pieces fit together.

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How do I control my hair when I cannot control my life?

bad hair day

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up. | Hayley made this with

it's the little things that count... / quotes for inspiration

The Power of a Woman's Intuition. - I Love My LSI

Salvador Dali quote typed on a vintage typewriter

Love says, there are NO ugly parts of you

make it your life commitment // rhonda byrne #grateful #favorite

I want a forever love. A guy who won't give up. A guy who will work to fix things & not run off to other women when times are tough then come back & expect you to fight for him. I want a guy who will respect & value me & be there through all the good & bad times. And a guy who will never lie to me, betray me, hide secrets from me, go behind my back, and who will stay faithful. I know he's out there. And I hope he is looking for me too. ♥

Please re-pin this quote on vulnerability... It links to an inspirational blog post on how to be vulnerable. (Especially if you're in a relationship.) So good!

The Vulnerable Wife

The Best thing to hold onto in Life, Print. Love this gorgeous Audrey Hepburn quote to frame and give to your loved one for the holidays.

its true...

I like that I can be myself around you

Baby you are!! Find myself thinking that every night!! Just want to be snuggled up close to you!! I know it would be so wonderful to sleep with you in my arms!! And then to wake up to your sweet, beautiful face!! I Love YOU!!! I so want to be with you..just curled up & wrapped around you!! It is so amazing!! Where did the time go?? I Miss You so terribly bad!! You are my Baby!! Sweet dreams!! I'll be holding you so tight baby!! Just lay your head on my chest & let me kiss U softly!!!:-*:-*:-****

What wonderful advice...Works everytime!

B!nspired - KM Paperie

You never fail until you stop trying A4 PRINT by todaysunshine, $25.00

I have been there before and am there again........its painful, but I must remember this too shall pass.

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